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I Always Think About the Things I Think I'm Saying, plastic leaves, 40cm diameter

Pleasure Locker, fabric, elastic, clay, found stones, dimensions variable

Cherish, found tree limbs, cloth bindings

I Need to See You, glass cubs, found stones

Sleep State, concrete, charger cable, dimensions variable

Crave, stockings, stones, dimensions variable

An Elegy, stack of real estate magazines, tile, stone, glass of water, barbed twigs, dimensions variable

This work was made during residency in Rota, Cadiz ~ Southern Spain

Continuing my transfixion with surfaces and objects that form the physical infrastructure of a place, Globe of Granite is a kind of relational archaeology that takes into account the delicate power balance between Rota's local consumer culture, and the primal landscape that supports it. My impulse is always to observe and acknowledge these entanglements and create cosmologies from their detritus, so for this work the majority of the forms used were collected from public areas, forming a genuine archive of ubiquitous matter. These artefacts were then recontextualised and combined with synthetic materials through intimate pairings and positionings, and manipulations of form or use. Rather than situating humanity apart from the earth, the works explore a fused identity that directs awareness to the greater time scales encompassing us in contrast to confining elements of human domesticity.