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I Got Lost in my Life, 2018, mirror, shells

Birth of a Logo, 2018, nest, dice

Remember the Nothing, 2018, plastic, vinyl, fabric, foam, apoxie sculpt, carpet underlay, insulation, faux fur, nylon

Gorgon, 2018, plastic, stones, fabric, foam, nylon, apoxie sculpt, carpet underlay, insulation, faux fur, mask

Air in a Winch, 2018, branch, metal pins

Ambient Place, 2018, acrylic on paper

Nightfall, 2018, bark, carpet underlay

Being There presents works which explore the dichotomous states of presence and absence, surface and void. Disembodied biological forms occupy the gallery space, creating a sparse and surreal tableau that alludes to the rites and rituals of place making in contemporary society. In particular, the works unpack synthetic and utopic environments by breaking apart and re-purposing the virtual and tangible veneers that typify them. Traces of humanity are mutated and fused with organic and inorganic matter, exploring the primal states that intertwine with commercial sites. The result is a conflation of the domestic, the fantastic, and the organic, where multiple timescales exist in tandem, and coagulations in diverse movements of matter and culture converge.

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