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Near is Far, Far is Near, 2013, Series of Inkjet Prints on Ilford Rice Paper, 4 x A1

Near is Far, Far is Near explores the physical and psychological terrain experienced when navigating a faraway place, with a particular focus on the dichotomy of freedom and alienation brought about by isolation and impermanence. Much of this work was captured as I travelled through Northland, New Zealand, my family’s distant home, and is as much a study of origins and belonging as it is as a meditation on restlessness and nomadism.

Video component 'Homecoming' is a seamless loop of a trip towards Cape Reinga, the northernmost tip of New Zealand. It loosely follows the path deceased souls must travel to depart the land and return home in Maori legend. The cape is never reached meaning the journey becomes the object and subject of the piece. This work was projected large on the gallery wall of M Contemporary Sydney.